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2021 Gyrmado Female

Posted 21 days 17 hours 57 minutes ago. 433
2021 Gyrmado female, currently flying between 710-720.  She’s an awesome bird, super friendly, non-vocal, conditioned to dogs, and has no issues wearing track pack.  I’ve been flying her since t

Breeding Project Birds for Sale

Posted 7 days 17 hours 49 minutes ago. 421
We are selling our breeding project, serious offers considered. Pricing not including shipping, pick-up is prioritized.

2020 Gyr/ peregrine tiercel chamber raised

Posted 29 days 14 hours 36 minutes ago. 406
2020 Gyr/ peregrine tiercel chamber raised, flies at 850g, balloons,kites, feather perfect, well mannered, hoods well and is currently in great physical condition for the last of the hawking season. c

Large proven Imprint/AI Prairie Falcon Available

Posted 06 months 12 days 14 hours 12 minutes ago. 396
“Clipper” is a 6 year old Eastern Washington Prairie Falcon.  She has laid eggs each of the last 3 years (4 when not extended x 2 and 9 when extended by removing all but 2). I raised a L


Posted 21 days 17 hours 58 minutes ago. 366
I have two tiercel peales  peregrines for sale. One is a a 2014 hatch the other is 2017 hatch. Would make great additions to a breeding project or falconry birds. Please do not hesitate to reach ou

Aplomado Falcon for sale

Posted 15 days 15 hours 3 minutes ago. 352
Aplomado Falcon for sale, one time intermewed, imprint, not hood trained, female, avg flying weight is 356gr,

2020 Male Albidus/NA Goshawk

Posted 11 days 17 hours 52 minutes ago. 350
Chamber-raised male Albidus/North American goshawk, hatched May 2020. Flies around 720g, hoods ok, rides well in the hawk box, quiet everywhere except his weathering yard. I’ve been trying for o

2020 Male Aplomado Falcon

Posted 11 days 17 hours 51 minutes ago. 319
2020 Male Aplomado, great bird, focusing on different quarry. Flies around 230-240g. Has a trackpack fitted. Silent. Versatile and will hunt from the fist but prefers a low pitch waiting on. Has had s

2019 Female Harris

Posted 21 days 18 hours ago. 256
This female was successful on jacks, cottontails, and squirrels. Flies beautifully at 950g. I’d like to place her in a breeding program since she had some nerve damage to her right foot, so she

2013 Female 7/8 Saker/Gyr

Posted 14 days 16 hours 46 minutes ago. 250
Produced by Stuart Rossell in 2013. 8 years old, Chamber raised. One of my abatement falconers has flown her for abatement for the last 5 years. Cherry orchards in spring/summer and gull work in sprin

Proven Anatum tiercel

Posted 15 days 15 hours 6 minutes ago. 231
Frazier River Valley bloodlines; selectively bred over five generations.

2021 Male Peruvian harris hawk

Posted 5 days 13 hours 57 minutes ago. 221
Male Peruvian Harris hawk hatched April 2021, chamber-raised (pulled at 10 wks), flies at 478g. Has been bagged on quail and dove. Hoods okay, rides well unhooded in GH, steps up fine, wed to the lure