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Falconry equipment for sale, telemetry, perches

Posted 2 days 07 hours 58 minutes ago. 169
 I have 8 transmitters for sale: the 4-RTP- for $100.00 each, the other 4 I’ll sale for $75.00 each, the blocks are $50.00 each, the Field Marshall 800 215-219 HSL Yagi with case is $450.00, the sc

Canadian Anatums

Posted 2 days 08 hours 1 minutes ago. 167
$1500 for Tiercels $2000 for Falcons Discount if picked up in Colorado. This line produces fearless gamehawks.

Free 2021 gxp female

Posted 3 days 05 hours 50 minutes ago. 247
Beautiful young bird of the year weighed 1300 grams when pulled.  Problem is she has a scratched eye that prob wont heal so has vision issue.  Can be used for abatement or education. Free if you can

1/2 Peregrine 1/2 Gyr Tiercel

Posted 3 days 05 hours 52 minutes ago. 195
Hatched in 2019 by Lance Christiansen. Flew in 2019 and 2020 with success on grouse and ducks. Located in Emerald WI. Prefer not to ship. If I do have to ship him, buyer pays all shipping and crating

Female Peregrine 2018

Posted 3 days 05 hours 53 minutes ago. 144
Female flown to the drone and hunted first two years. Caught couple mallards and one Sharptail,Hun. Didn’t really fly last year had a new Hybrid Gry x Peregrinethat I fly on grouse. I got the Pe

1 female Harris hawk left and ready to go.

Posted 3 days 05 hours 54 minutes ago. 106
Last female Harris hawk of the season and ready to go. Hatched 5/15/2021. $750 plus shipping.

Field Marshall 100

Posted 3 days 05 hours 55 minutes ago. 57
Worked great has batteries stuck and has a wire that needs re soldered to the speaker . Shown in pics. $ 375.00 plus shipping. Kevin Hice 701-460 6112


Posted 3 days 05 hours 56 minutes ago. 46
BULLET JESS SYSTEM  for Falconry ! These are the original bullet jesses designed and created by Scotsman Jim Coughlin right here in San Diego, California, USA They are a complete system comprising o

Peales Peregrines for sale.

Posted 3 days 05 hours 57 minutes ago. 186
2021 hatch Peales Peregrines, male and female, just hard penned,parent raised ready to go, 1500 for the male 2ooo for the female. pick-up only or can arrange to meet somewhere.
$see details

2021 Anatum Peregrine female

Posted 9 days 04 hours 2 minutes ago. 366
65 days old, ready to go. Large, pleasant bird that I took out of the chamber at 60 days.

Male Anatum Peregrine needed for a breeding and release project

Posted 11 days 08 hours 36 minutes ago. 174
Hello, I am looking for a male Anatum Peregrine for a breeding and release project in NW Georgia. We currently have an egg-laying female but I believe the male we have is past his prime or hasn’

Goshawks, Chamber-raised.

Posted 11 days 08 hours 37 minutes ago. 341
                  Albidus x North American (available for 2021)              Pure Silver Albidus, avaialable for 2021.   Bird shown above is an albidus
$$1,500 to $4,500) depending on sex and color