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Part-time Abatement falconer Needed

Posted 10 hours 49 minutes ago. 43
20 hours a week in Northern California (Santa Cruz). If interested, please contact me through email at

Full time Abatement opportunity in Phoenix area

Posted 10 hours 49 minutes ago. 39
Full time opportunity in the Phoenix AZ area, up to 7 days a week, 6 hours per day. Good pay and, Harris hawk job, fairly easy. Please call 818-5178669

2022 4-way cross female Peregrine

Posted 12 hours 34 minutes ago. 70
For sale.  2022 female peregrine.  4-way cross Peales, Anatum, Macropis and Fijian.  Captive bred parent reared. Flight weight 880 grams.

White Gyr Pair

Posted 12 hours 34 minutes ago. 45
White Falcon hatched in 2016, White Jerkin hatched in 2017. Copulated many times in 2023 but did not lay. Asking $6,000 for the pair or $3,500 each. Call for more information 414-571-8769 – no e

Goshawk - Male (non imprint)

Posted 12 hours 35 minutes ago. 54
I’m looking for a male Goshawk for my breeding project.  I’d like to borrow or buy a Male that was parent raised or trapped from the wild.  Can do a transfer, buy, or borrow.  I’m most intere

Raptor food

Posted 12 hours 36 minutes ago. 52
Frozen quail 6.5-7.1 oz in size $2.50 ea. Day old frozen Chicks 500 ct. box $250

8 month old Eurasian Eagle Owl

Posted 12 hours 37 minutes ago. 39
Very tame 8 month old female imprint EEO for sale $4000 plus shipping.  This is a very large girl over 8 pounds. Selling due to losing one of our education contracts don’t need her at this time

Looking for used telemetry for Merlin falcon

Posted 12 hours 38 minutes ago. 30
Looking for a used small/micro telemetry for Merlin falcon. Call 858 380 8558 if you have an extra one you don’t need.  Thank you

White female Gyr x Peregrines

Posted 4 days 12 hours 51 minutes ago. 256
We only have two white Gyr x Peregine females left. These are fathered by a very athletic ultra white Gyrkin and a very nice female Anatum. These females are beautiful and level headed the price is RI

Male Goshawk

Posted 5 days 09 hours 49 minutes ago. 265
4 yo Male Finnish Goshawk $2000 Health forcing sale

Female Harris Hawk

Posted 5 days 09 hours 51 minutes ago. 181
Health forcing sale $700

2023 Female Gyr

Posted 5 days 09 hours 55 minutes ago. 238
2023 dark grey hand-fed imprint female gyr from Gyrfarm. We got her thinking it was a gyrkin for a future semen donor, but confirmed recently with a DNA test it is a female. She was raised in the hous