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Full telemetry setup

Posted 1 days 09 hours 9 minutes ago. 66
This is a full setup that will cover just about any of your telemetry needs outside of gps. R-600A – Greq range 216.000 – 221.999MHz  – retail $499.95 Marshall RT Plus – 1 s

Anatums, Anatum x Gyrs, Harris's hawks

Posted 1 days 09 hours 10 minutes ago. 127
I have parent raised Anatums, Anatum x Gyrs, and Harris’s available. Contact me for the specifics.

Eyass Tiercel Peregrines

Posted 1 days 09 hours 10 minutes ago. 123
We have a couple tiercel peals x Anatums available from a proven line of  proven hunting stock. $1200 each plus shipping related cost. Contact mark or Ryan Moglich 775 901 6640

German Shorthair Puppies

Posted 3 days 11 hours ago. 152
These 2 decide to have a family So we have registered German Shorthair Pointers For Sale if Interested Call Calvin @ 576-403-4768 or Darla at 575-403-9121 Puppies are Liver and White should start show

Barn Owls for sale

Posted 4 days 08 hours 3 minutes ago. 112
Late clutch of Barn Owls hatching.  Price includes DNA sex certificate.  Birds are dual imprinted on siblings & humans.

Started Deutsch-Drahthaar 1.5 yr

Posted 5 days 11 hours 31 minutes ago. 146
Looking for a hunting home, Eve Vombrewhaus Due to some changes in circumstances (and baby on the way) my wife and I are cutting down on our team of dogs and looking for a hunting home for our girl Ev
$3000 or trade

Tiercel saker

Posted 5 days 11 hours 33 minutes ago. 187
Quality high content Altai tiercel saker, will be 51 days in the 14th. From Dave Knutson and Brad Felger bloodlines. Pictures of imprint brother from this year first. and last years sister and brother

Anatum peregrines

Posted 5 days 11 hours 37 minutes ago. 244
Anatum female from this years production. These are from the lines that produced the only non hybrid winners of the Utah Sky Trials. Scott Larsens Dakota, Dave Ewells Nike and Herald Clark’s Buddy.

3 Harris Hawk offspring

Posted 8 days 09 hours 8 minutes ago. 143
Southern California  I just went in and Banded the HH , 13 days old. Looks like 1 Male, spoken for, and 2 Females. $1000 for an HH, $75 for Crating, $175 for Airfare if you need one shipped. I don

Dark 7/8 gyr sakers

Posted 8 days 09 hours 9 minutes ago. 230
I have a male and a female 24 day old (as of June 7th) dark 7/8 gyr-saker chicks ready for immediate pick up in Idaho. They have been parent raised to this point. Only $1500 if pick up for imprinting/

Full time abatement position available in the CA Bay Area

Posted 9 days 08 hours 48 minutes ago. 156
Full time abatement position available in the CA Bay Area, Harris hawk/pigeon  Job Please call or text for Info 818-517-8669 do not reply to this add here

2024 Four-Way Peregrines

Posted 10 days 09 hours 28 minutes ago. 248
My pair of Four-Way Hybrid Peregrines hatched their first eyass females (plus two tercels!) on May 7.  A Four-Way Hybrid Peregrine is a mix of Anatum x Peale’s x Australian x Fijian subspecies