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Male Harris Hawk

Posted 1 days 15 hours 37 minutes ago. 100
One male Harris left this year, mom was trapped near Tucson, great game hawk. Located in Colorado, please call me if you are interested.

Female Harris Hawk

Posted 1 days 15 hours 37 minutes ago. 83
Selectively bred Harris Hawk for stamina and speed.  She is ready for the season. She has been hacked for 10 days.  I still feed her (she has not start to catch game on her own yet). Both parents ar

Male First Year White Gyrkin

Posted 1 days 15 hours 38 minutes ago. 112
Male White Gyrkin 40 oz. Excellent bird, jumping to the fist, well manned, hoods great, no issues! Come pick him up, or I can also ship him. Too many Eagles here to fly him. First $3000.00 gets him!!!

CowSkin Glove -Single Thickness

Posted 8 days 20 hours 33 minutes ago. 121
Single-Thickness Short Glove Made of Quality Cow Leather Left-Handed Glove Heavy duty ‘d’ Ring Easily Clean and wipe Single Thickness Comes in 4 sizes Small, Medium ,Large , XL Interest

2019 Tiercel Anatums

Posted 8 days 20 hours 35 minutes ago. 326

Imprint Peregrine Falcons

Posted 8 days 20 hours 36 minutes ago. 350
I have imprint peregrine tiercels and falcons available. The tiercels & falcons are from 2020 as well as this year. The birds have been hood, lure, and balloon trained. They have also been entered

Aplomado for sale

Posted 8 days 20 hours 37 minutes ago. 214
Male Aplomado for sale.  This bird has been chamber raised with parents & sibling for the past four months.  Pickup preferred.

Round Braided Jesses

Posted 12 days 15 hours 6 minutes ago. 162
Round Braided Jesses Retail Price: $8 for each pair Different Colors Available Eight Strand, Aylmeri Style Comes in three different sizes : 6 inch long , 7 inch long and 8 inch long Full Tight Braided

Female 6yo Red-naped shaheen x saker

Posted 12 days 15 hours 7 minutes ago. 203
She was flown as an abatement bird.  1000g

northern / finn cross

Posted 12 days 15 hours 7 minutes ago. 387
5yr old bird imprint   male   870g calm bird

Beagle/Jack Russell Puppies for sale

Posted 12 days 15 hours 8 minutes ago. 152
2 month old beagle puppies for sale. (70% beagle/30% JRT) Black and white. Have received shots, dewormed, and ear medication.These are smart sweet dogs that need a good home with lots of love. They wi

Falcon Ballooning & Kiting System

Posted 12 days 15 hours 9 minutes ago. 124
ITW Little Bear Kite (2-15mph) – $80   ITW Delta Hot Kite (12-20+mph) – $100 5.5’ Cloud Buster Balloon x2 (White) – $50 Heavy Duty Reel with 4000’ of new Dacron(all hardw