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2022 Hatch Female Harris Hawk

Posted 20 hours 4 minutes ago. 76
I have a 2022 hatch female available. She has already caught three rabbits. She is a very gamey bird. Selling her as she isn’t working well my dogs. I hunt with a pack of beagles and need a bird

Proven breeder tiercel Harris hawk

Posted 1 days 22 hours 36 minutes ago. 89
2011 hatch, Produced many offspring, His female died recently.  Looking to re-home with a breeder.  

2022 PR Tiercel Finnish Gos

Posted 1 days 22 hours 37 minutes ago. 157
I have a 2022 Parent Raised Tiercel Finnish Gos for sale. Perfect manors, hoods well, comes to Lure and glove, sits outside calm as you can see in the pics. Great bird. Due to new business endeavor I&

Tiercel Harris hawk

Posted 4 days 49 minutes ago. 168
Tiercel Harris hawk 19 weeks, Chamber raised with parents and female sibling.  No contact with people except with banding.  Parents excellent hawks with proven abilities. Previous buyer unable to ta

Stillwater Quail

Posted 4 days 50 minutes ago. 170
Here at Stillwater Quail we produce clean, healthy birds that have been fed a diet specifically formulated for quail intended for use as raptor food. Our Coturnix quail are raised in large, open broo

German shorthair pointers

Posted 4 days 51 minutes ago. 132
I have a beautiful litter of German shorthair pointer pups available here in southern Kentucky please message me or call for more

2016 Natural Proven Breeder Female Peregrine

Posted 4 days 52 minutes ago. 100
2016 Proven Breeder Female Peregrine. ¾ Anatum x ¼ Peals.   She has produced 3 clutches so far. 100% natural. She incubates, feeds, does everything without any human intervention. Been paired with

Barbary x RNS pair

Posted 4 days 53 minutes ago. 109
Chamber raised. Since coming to my project she has been paired with 2 different males. First male was a pure Barbary and he never courted or copulated with her. She did lay eggs 2 years in a row in th

Fulltime Abatement Falconer Needed

Posted 6 days 49 minutes ago. 163
Full time position in Northern California (Pittsburg/ Oakley). If interested, please contact me through email at

Harrishawk cast

Posted 6 days 50 minutes ago. 220
I’m getting out of falcony after 40yrs.I have a male Harris that is offspring from a Harris I flew for 15 years from bill  Murphy. He is a 2019 hatch With excellent bloodlines and excellent gam

Imprint gyrs

Posted 6 days 51 minutes ago. 232
Two imprint gyrs for sale one older sets eggs raises young great donator The other is this year’s bird also have many other birds for sale getting out of breeding due to health problems

2022 black Gyr x anatum male

Posted 6 days 52 minutes ago. 255
Eating on the fist at 800 grams , nice falcon!