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2019 silver female gyr falcon

Posted 14 hours 55 minutes ago. 90
Large silver female gyr falcon. 2019 Still in first year plumage. Has not started molting yet. $4,000

Looking for an older gerkin

Posted 14 hours 56 minutes ago. 57
I’m looking for an older gerkin, 3 years or older, chamber raised. Call Martin (775)8467007

Female Harris Hawk

Posted 14 hours 57 minutes ago. 94
2016 Female Harris Hawk, 7/8 Sonoran & 1/8 Texas, She hunts at 770, I fly her on rabbits, great on cotton tails, can be selective on jacks. Also Ive caught ducks with her. She is a great bird. She

2020 HARRIS HAWK 50/50

Posted 4 days 10 hours 54 minutes ago. 328
I have 2020 harris hawks eggs down. I will have F1 -harris hawks, 50/50 -harris hawks and captive bread chambered harris  hawks. All we be 16 weeks chambered and fed live quail. I’m taking depo

2020 pure Saker Falcons for sale

Posted 4 days 10 hours 55 minutes ago. 296
Spokane  I will have a few 2020 pure Saker falcons available for sale this spring and have begun taking deposits. These are large, strong falcons that have distinguished themselves in the field, aba

passage tiercel praire falcon

Posted 4 days 10 hours 55 minutes ago. 255
hello my name is jason schaefer i live in upstate ny i was hoping someone would be willing  to transfer a passage tiercel praire falcon to me if they were getting rid of one.Praire falcons do not mig

2020 red-napes, euro spars, and gyr/rednapes

Posted 5 days 12 hours 40 minutes ago. 437
Taking deposits for this coming season for red-naped shaheens, gyr rednapes, and a few deposits for European sparrow hawks.  Deposits are $750.  I have two producing pairs of unrelated Rednapes, and

Eurasian Kestrel

Posted 7 days 15 hours ago. 222
Looking for a 2020 Eurasian Kestrel. Thanks.


Posted 7 days 15 hours 1 minutes ago. 334
One 2 year old male pure Siberian available. One pure North American available. I am still taking orders so I know what I will be producing this year. I will be making the goshawk crosses and or pure

Wanted 2020 Gyrmado

Posted 11 days 14 hours 45 minutes ago. 167
I am looking for a 2020 black female gyrmado. Please contact me if you are planning on producing any this coming breeding season.

Male Aplomado wanted for breeding

Posted 11 days 14 hours 46 minutes ago. 111
Attention Aplomado breeders/falconers.  Looking for a male to pair up with my 8 year old female.

Carved Jade Eagle Head

Posted 14 days 13 hours 59 minutes ago. 102
Carved jade Eagle Head. Solid. Weight – 185 grams  Dimensions 3 1/2 x 4 3/4  Excellent Condition. I have had it for 40 years, the original owner passed away and the story went with him. I know