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Anatum Peregrines

Posted 29 days 19 hours 17 minutes ago. 582
2022 Anatum peregrines. From a line I have bred for over 30 years. Siblings of my current female have been the only peregrines to win the Utah Sky Trials over hybrids in many, many years. Great game h

Free 2021 Tiercel Harris Hawk

Posted 22 days 22 hours 4 minutes ago. 481
I have two tiercel harris hawks that hatched out last fall.   Both were flown to different degrees through the season.  Good to fist.  One is nosier than the other (but has much more hunting exper

Gyr/Red Napped Shaheen and pure Red Napes 2022

Posted 22 days 22 hours 6 minutes ago. 374
Have a limited quantity of both pure Red Napes and Gyr/RNS hybrids available for this year. Imprints and parent raised options. Please call for details (DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS AD I WONT SEE IT) 818-51

2017 White Albidus male chamber raised

Posted 17 days 23 hours 9 minutes ago. 288
2017 White Albidus Male, breeding by Lance Chistensen. Flys from fist on wild pheasant and wild ducks. Trained on baggie pheasants. Worked with pointer bird dog. Weathers well and molts in flight pen.

Raptors 2022

Posted 03 months 3 days 23 hours 54 minutes ago. 709
Quality raptors for falconry and abatement.  Lanner Saker Peruvian Aplomado Peruvian Harris’s Hawk Barbary Gyrfalcon

Young proven breeding Aplomado pair.

Posted 13 days 23 hours 42 minutes ago. 251
3 year old Aplomado pair. This is their first year breeding had two clutches. I am getting out of the bird business and focusing on my health so that is why I’m selling all my birds.

1 year old female Lanner falcon for sale

Posted 13 days 23 hours 44 minutes ago. 284
I’ll just be honest.  This bird isn’t working out and I don’t like dealing with her.  She is lure trained.  That’s about the only good thing.  She hates the hood, despite m

White Siberian female goshawk

Posted 11 days 01 hours 24 minutes ago. 291
3year old female Siberian goshawk. Good on fur and feather. She is a hard imprint and has started showing signs of flaring her coverts. $4500. Also have a 2 year old male. He is also hard imprint but

2016 Male Lanner Falcon

Posted 11 days 39 minutes ago. 221
Produced by Stuart Rossell in 2016. Going on 6 years old, Chamber raised. Been flown for abatement for the last 5 years. Recently flown on a job for the last 50 days. Usually used for Cherry orchard w

2019 White 50/50 GxP Gamehawk

Posted 11 days 37 minutes ago. 287
2019 hatch, produced by Danny Ertsgaard. I recently purchased this bird to use for Abatement. With my summer contract workload changes I will no longer need the additional birds. Rather than retrain h

2022 Peales Peregrine's 1st one hatched 5/8/2022

Posted 9 days 23 hours 21 minutes ago. 322
2022 100% Captive bred Peales Peregrines. Choose between parent reared or imprints if preferred. First Hatch was on May 8th Males $1800 Females $2000. 

2022 Female Peregrines - Ready End of June

Posted 9 days 23 hours 21 minutes ago. 270
2 Chamber-raised female peregrines for sale. Hatched 4/23/22. Will be 60 days old of 6/23/22. Can be pulled anytime after that date. Pick up in Abilene, Texas only. Shipping is not available until aft