2019 White 50/50 GxP Gamehawk

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Abilene, TX

2019 hatch, produced by Danny Ertsgaard. I recently purchased this bird to use for Abatement. With my summer contract workload changes I will no longer need the additional birds. Rather than retrain him as an Abatement bird I figured I’d put him up for sale to somebody who might want him as a game hawk.

He was balloon trained up to 2500 feet. His consistent hawking pitch is about 500 feet. Strong loyalty, and has never flown off from his previous Falconer.
Can be turned into an abatement bird. But should be a great already trained out-of-the-box game hawk for somebody.
$2000 picked up in Abilene Texas. $2300 shipped to your nearest airport.
Cell 651–269–9192, email skypredatorsbirdabatement@gmail.com
Name (first and last) Chase
Contact 651-269-9192
distance: Unknown
Address Abilene, TX